And so our story begins…

After five months of impatiently waiting for the 5th of October to roll around, it’s finally here.

This morning began surprisingly rather lazily, until I realised that I had just half an hour to pack my hand luggage, sort my house out and set off for Heathrow. After rushing around like a headless chicken, I finally declared myself ready, only to find James engrossed in the latest level of the candy crush saga. Some ‘gentle’ persuasion and James reluctantly abandoned his game, loaded the car and drove me to the airport.

This is my first trip ever to Asia (having left Europe only once before) and my first holiday alone. I’m very excited but a little bit scared. I’m going to Vietnam for two whole weeks with gadventures. I’m assured that there are plenty of solo female travellers joining me on my trip so hopefully it won’t be me and a load of grey-haired couples, all hoping for an early night.

I’m now sat in terminal 4, waiting for my flight to be called. I’m looking forward to the plane food (I wrote about my love for neatly packaged food in a previous post) and getting my hands on the inflight entertainment system.  It’ll be my first experience of ‘screens in seats’ and my parents raved about how good they were on their recent holiday to the US. I wonder if I’ll still feel quite as excited when I disembark my first flight to Qatar, ready to board the next one to Hanoi.

1.5 hours down, 19.5 to go!


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