Flight one, done.

Six hours of flight time later, and here I am in Qatar. My concerns about my short transfer time were unfounded. We were deposited from the transfer bus into the departure gates and just 10 minutes after disembarkation, I’m waiting yet again for my travels to resume. It’s midnight here; Qatar is two hours ahead of BST. Even so, the temperatures are in the mid-thirties and I felt the heat hit as we left the aeroplane.

During the flight, I was treated to not one, not two, but three! packaged food items. The first was a packet of what seemed to be Bombay mix, but without the Bombay and not very much mix. A couple of hours later we were treated to the main event. A starter of herby couscous salad, a main course of lime and coconut chicken noodles, finished off with a blob of chocolate stodge. Of course, these delights all came together on one tray in each of their cute little packages. I especially liked the unnecessarily sealed cup of water. Not sure the lump  of bread and warm sweaty cheddar quite complimented the meal, but I suppose it’s good sustenance for fussy eaters. Our final food offering was a hot chicken tandoori wrap and forest fruits sponge. I wasn’t really hungry seeing as it was only two hours since the main meal, but I scoffed it anyway like the waste-not-want-not Yorkshire lass I am.

As well as the food, I also lapped up the entertainment offered by the ‘screens in seats’. I watched the hangover 3 (mostly lame), half of the internship (super lame) and the new star trek movie (awesome). Apart from a fat stinky guy to my right and a loud ‘gap-yah’ girl behind me, my fellow passengers allowed me a pleasant flight.

Now my flight to Hanoi (which stops briefly in Bangkok) is being called. I’m hoping I can catch a few winks on this next flight so I arrive in Vietnam in a vaguely sociable state to meet my new travel companions. I’ll be keeping half an eye open for some more of that plane food though!


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