Flight two, ongoing…

When we boarded the plane in Qatar, we were swiftly presented with yet another hot snack. This time it was a moist lump of bread topped with a sloppy bolognese parading as a slice of pizza, and a chocolate cherry sponge. Again, I wasn’t in need of any food having only eaten a couple of hours previously. Nonetheless, I scoffed it all.

So after my food, I watched a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory and attempted to join my snoring fellow passengers in some sleep. No such luck. It seems my body just isn’t made to sleep upright. And just as I was starting to nod off, they dropped the temperature in the cabin in an attempt to rouse us for our pre-landing breakfast. This was probably the most disappointing of all the food I’ve had so far in my journey. It was billed as tortilla, and consisted of a Spanish omelette, an overcooked tomato and a rather albino-looking sausage. But I was surprisingly hungry, and quickly polished it off. Except for the croissant (yuck). After breakfast, I gave up on sleep and watched Monsters University instead (which I highly recommend) before we landed at our pitstop en route to Vietnam.

So now I’m catching a glimpse of Thailand out of the window while we’re parked on a runaway in Bangkok. All while the plane cleaners hastily hoover, clean and remove all remnants of our previous co-occupants. It’s somewhat disconcerting that they are all wearing face masks, while we happily breathe whatever ‘noxious fumes’ they’re so keen to avoid.

18 hours down, 3 to go!


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