Day 15: Farewell Vietnam!

**WARNING** This post was draft written 3 years ago and I’ve only just my lazy arse around to finishing it. Everything from here on was written from a combination of notes and a fading memory…

I woke very hungry and hurried downstairs for the hotel breakfast. Back to the usual frankfurter sausages, but I didn’t entirely mind. I was ravenous! I had the morning to kill while I waited for my afternoon flight, so me and another couple of girls from the trip went for a little explore of Saigon. We went to a pagoda and saw some botanical gardens. We had fruit juices at another local hotel – mine was lychee flavoured, obviously! Then back to the hotel for a final pack and to catch the taxi to the airport. I was hungry again by the time I got to the airport and spotted Burger King. I couldn’t….could I? Turns out I could. I ordered a Double Cheeseburger and Fries and yes, it tasted the same as home. It felt so wrong but also so right!! Back to modern living already.

Thankfully the flights were uneventful. They served us chicken and beans (boring, but edible) and a beef pasty thing (weird, but edible). I watched The Artist – not one for watching while you’re half asleep by the way! – and The Big Bang Theory. I was too tired for anything more intellectually stimulating. I remember the 5 hour wait from midnight to 5am in Doha for my connecting flight was possibly the worst part of my whole trip. I just wanted to be home! And there was no where to sleep or even sit comfortably. So I was very bored and very tired. But eventually the flight was boarding, and 8 hours later I was back in London.

Vietnam was the first Eastern country I’d been to, and I went partly for that reason. I expected it to be entirely different from the UK/Europe/US, and it most definitely was! The food was amazing and the scenery was just stunning. I loved how basic it was and – quite frankly – how cheap everything was. It was a real novelty after being a stingey student for so long to not have to think twice about ordering something from a menu or having a second (or third!) beer. I loved it so much that my next stop (and next blog series) – Thailand!!


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