My Ironman Journey: Back in the Saddle

Once I’d decided I wanted to try triathlon, the discipline which I was most excited about was the bike. I used to love tearing around campsites when I was little and cycling to friends’ houses, so the thought of getting a bike was pretty exciting. Through the winter of 2013/14 I was going to more and more spin classes at the gym, which really helped with my general fitness as well as getting me ready for cycling. In January 2014, I bought myself a snazz new bike through the cycle to work scheme. It was a road bike – I’d previously only had mountain bikes – called a ‘Scott Speedster 15’ and it was black and purple and very shiny. I imaginatively named it ‘Bikey’. For a few months, ‘Bikey’ lay relatively unused, partly due to the cold weather and partly because I just didn’t know where to take it; I worried about getting lost. Everything changed in June when I found a local cycling group and started cycling with them. I built up group riding confidence, discovered some great roads for cycling (and some not so great roads!), and dramatically improved my bike handling skills.

I’d rediscovered cycling and rediscovered that sense of pure freedom that only cycling brings. I love exploring the UK countryside and admiring the incredible scenery. I also love that cycling and cake are so intricately interwoven that I soon knew of every bike friendly cafe within a 50km radius of my house!

Now that I’d embarked on all three of the triathlon disciplines, there was only one thing left to do: Enter A Triathlon!


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